No one would disagree that volunteerism is a major asset to democracy and that caring for others is an important value to instill in children. But in an ardent effort to get large numbers of children and teens involved in service, we've overlooked a major aspect of brain development—how kids learn to care and how empathy positively impacts all aspects of life success, including civic life and leadership. The stories in this book illustrate these points. Young people themselves speak with a clear and united voice: "Yes, it is possible to develop caring leaders in the Digital Age. And here are the ways adults help and hinder us."

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- Excerpt from Tomorrow's Change Makers

Dr. Marilyn Price-Mitchell is a developmental psychologist and fellow at the Institute for Social Innovation at Fielding Graduate University where she studies how young people become caring family members, innovative workers, ethical leaders, and engaged citizens in an increasingly complex society.  She founded the popular blog, Roots of Action, and also writes for Psychology Today.